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Workplace response to family violence

DVFREE is a workplace partnership programme designed to help workplaces provide a sustainable, best practice workplace response to family violence that exceeds legal obligations.

By providing opportunities for training and education, the DVFREE program offers workplace policy consultation, education and a range of training options to improve responses to people experiencing family violence.

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A DVFREE workplace is one where

A DVFREE workplace is one where:

  • Employees impacted by domestic violence feel safe and supported at work.
  • Domestic violence is not tolerated or excused; the workplace promotes and supports respectful behaviour within domestic and family relationships.
  • All employees know what to do if a work colleague is experiencing or perpetrating domestic violence.
  • A best practice workplace response to domestic violence exceeds legal obligations under the Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Act 2018 and other laws.
A DVFREE customer response is one where

A DVFREE customer response is one where:

  • Customers experiencing domestic violence are treated with dignity and empathy, while prioritising their safety and privacy.
  • These customers receive extra care where their experience of domestic violence impacts on their experience as a customer.
  • These customers receive information about specialist services in the community.


Why support employees experiencing domestic violence? Why support customers who experience domestic violence?
  1. Employee health, safety and wellbeing
  2. Customer care and safety
  3. Legal obligations
  4. The financial cost to business
  5. Social responsibility

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The DVFREE Tick has been awarded to these employers, with more on the way.

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Your organisation can also do the best for your people experiencing domestic violence by training first responders and managers, and updating your domestic violence policy. Click below to get your free guidelines to creating a DVFREE workplace, or get in touch directly and a DVFREE team member will be able to assist.

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