Safety Programmes

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Adult and Child Safety Programme (ASP & CSP)

A free, non-compulsory programme for women and children that clients can attend at any time if they have a protection order. The services are available by phone or face-to-face. 

The programme's primary goal is to support the safety of protected people and their children and provide them with strategies for dealing with their experiences of family violence and building resilience to cope with and improve their situation.

We can provide a group or individual safety programme to help the client detail the effects of the violence. Helping with strategies to keep the client and children safe and providing information such as how to use a protection order.

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Programme Key Topics

  • The nature and effects of family violence
  • Problem solving
  • Building resilience
  • Exploring emotions
  • Taking back my power
  • Children
  • Parenting
  • Evaluating relationships
  • Focusing on the future
  • Safety planning

We receive referrals from the Ministry of Justice.

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