Laura Daniel – a treasure for Shine

18 October 2023


Recognising and supporting the work done by family violence service charity Shine has received a boost thanks to a major celebrity endorsement.


Actor and comedienne Laura Daniel says she nominated Shine as her charity of choice in the television show Celebrity Treasure Island because the work Shine does for New Zealanders is essential.

“I’ve worked with Shine in the past and have heard directly from people who have used their services and it’s clear they actually make a real difference in New Zealanders’ lives. Not just for those in immediate need but also for those looking to change their behaviour, for younger New Zealanders through their educational programs, and also workplaces helping more people be able to reach out themselves or identify when someone else might need help.

“I strongly believe in Shine’s Kaupapa, and their positive messaging to “shine a light” on an issue that is difficult to talk about and I hope that anytime I talk about them on a public platform it is helping to bring more awareness to New Zealanders watching at home.”

The reality TVNZ 2 competition series features 18 celebrities camping out in the Wanaka wilderness while competing to win $100,000 for their chosen charity.



Shine Services Delivery Manager Daisy Ta’ufo’ou says the support of Laura Daniel is highly valued by the Shine team.

“Our staff work with families every day who are going through significant trauma and stress as a result of family violence.

“Knowing that a celebrity such as Laura Daniel is competing for $100,000 to help us deliver our service is truly humbling.”

Shine supports hundreds of people – women, children and men – who are living with family violence.

“The demand for our services has grown over the last 12 months and the demands of our clients are more complex,” says Ta’ufo’ou.

“For example, we’re seeing a wider range of calls coming through our Shine helpline, especially from concerned friends and from those who want to leave aggressive partners, but are not sure how.

“The number of youth victims and users of violence seeking support through our service has also grown, and our service and programmes are extending to meet these needs.”

“There has also been a significant increase in people self-referring and wanting to participate in our non-violence education programmes.”

Ta’ufo’ou says an injection of $100,000 would be a game-changer for the charity.

“We can only do so much with the funds we have. A donation that size would allow us to run more programmes, employ more advocates and ultimately allow us to provide more support to victim-survivors and users of violence.

“Win or lose – we are truly grateful for Laura’s support for us as she competes on Celebrity Treasure Island.”

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