Non-violence Programmes

No Excuses

No Excuses is a free, positive change non-violence programme for people who have perpetrated family violence. We motivate and support people to change their behaviour and help them develop the insight and skills they need to maintain respectful, non-violent relationships.
Non-violence assessments

Were completed with Shine clients last year*.

Completed our non-violence programme*

71 of these clients went on to complete our non-violence programme*.

(*in the 2022-23 financial year)

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How does No Excuses help people?

This programme is for people who are either self-referred or referred and/or required to attend by the courts, community probation, or another agency and it:

  • Examines and challenges beliefs that support violence and coercive control.
  • Looks at the effects that abuse has on the people who are victimised.
  • Teaches non-controlling and non-violent alternatives.
  • Does not judge the people who use abuse, but judges abusive behaviour and focuses on engaging with participants so that they feel comfortable to talk openly about their past and present behaviour.
  • Often motivates participants to change by discussing the impact of violence and abusive behaviour on their children.

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