Whānau Resilience

 Improving whānau well-being

by working with men and women using violence and supporting them to develop safer behaviours and respectful ways of relating to their partners and children.

6 week focus group/individual programme

Helping clients who have used violence towards or around their children, partners, or other family members.

A free wraparound service

Aiming to improve the whānau’s well-being through group, individual and whānau sessions.

This is a programme that builds relationships after family violence trauma for fathers/mothers and their children.

There is currently limited access to culturally responsive services that promote long-term healing and limited availability of joined-up specialist services that support whānau. Most parenting programs do not address issues of violence, control and the impact of these behaviours on their whānau. The paramountcy of victims and children is at the centre of everything we do.

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Who can access this programme?

  • Fathers/mothers who have used violence towards their children.
  • If you are willing to break the cycle of violence in your family.
  • If you are not in contact with your whānau, we can still support you.
  • Whānau who are staying together and need support.
  • Men/women who have completed the Non-Violence programme.

This programme is available via self referral or referral from external agencies. Please contact clientservicesadmin@2shine.org.nz.

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